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Excel Elise Storm Cover

Excel Elise Storm Cover

The Storm Cover is a Rain Cover which has it's own framework so it does not need a Sun Hood for support (unlike the Excel Elise Rain Cover).

New improved version with heavy duty 220 micron PVC. A Zippered opening in the centre allows the Storm Cover to be opened without removing it. This is designed so that the child can receive whatever attention is needed. It is not designed to enable the child to get into or out of the pushchair.

In cold weather the Storm Cover can be used to create a 'protective bubble' from the weather, even when it is not raining.

When not in use it can be hung on the back of the pushchair.

If a child does not like being enclosed in a rain cover then the ability to leave it part open can help make it more acceptable for them.

Sturdy clips attach it to the seat frame on each side, elasticated straps with hooks then secure it elsewhere.

The Storm Cover must be removed before the pushchair can be folded. The Storm Cover can be folded all the way back to the handle when not in use or attached to the back of the pushchair.

  • the clips are a high specification Nylon 6 plastic which make them very tough so you don't need worry about using force to fit them.
  • this is a well made rain cover of good quality materials to protect against weather and general wear and tear, its condition and useable life will be significantly reduced if a child kicks or pulls at it as they may rip the stitching through the plastic.

Measurements: Floor to highest point of Storm Cover = 1.2m (47") Seat Top to Storm Cover = 12cm (5")

Size when folded, approx.: 50cm x 36cm x 5cm (20" x 14" x 2")

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VAT EXEMPT - you will need to confirm in the checkout that you are eligible for VAT Relief because you are buying this for a child due to their medical condition

Total Price44.00 (including delivery and when exempt from VAT at 20%)