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Excel Elise Special Needs Buggy


For many years the standard pushchair for an older/larger child was the Maclaren Major Elite. Our understanding is that the patent on that model has now expired allowing other manufacturers to copy the design. The Excel Elise is designed to provide mobility for a child who cannot/will not walk and who is a co-operative occupant.

The Excel Elise is just one name for a copy of the Maclaren Major Elite, other companies sell 'copies' under the names:

and Budget XL Special Needs Stroller

The key differences we can see between the original Major Elite and the Excel Elise, good and bad, are:

About 20% cheaper than the Major Elite.

The Seat Fabric wraps around the side of the frame giving some side protection.

The Footplate is a bit more fiddly to put on (although the Major Elite Footplate will fit the Excel Elise and we can supply it if you really want)

There are three levels of holes for the shoulder harnesses compared to four levels on the Major Elite, and the straps are slightly shorter

Shorter Warranty.

The Excel Elise is designed specially for the older/larger child who is not able to walk or, more likely, can walk...but either not far enough or reliably in the direction which you want to go.

The Excel Elise covers an age range from say 2 years to 8 years, although suitability is more about size rather than age. This larger model is based on the standard 'umbrella style' folding strollers, the Excel Elise is essentially just a larger 'beefed up' version. It has an adjustable footplate which can be positioned at three levels to suit the child's leg length so the pushchair can grow with the child.

The Excel Elise has relatively small 7" wheels which are best suited to smooth urban surfaces, rougher surfaces - a cobbled street or park will prove a challenge especially for the older or heavier child. On the other hand the relatively small 'footprint' of the Excel Elise makes it much more suitable than other pushchairs for use around town, inside shops or other places indoors, e.g. School.

Robustly made with an aluminium frame the Excel Elise is sturdy but still reasonably lightweight. It is tested for a child up to 50kg BUT do not rely on this 'potential' capacity as most children would outgrow it dimensionally (especially in the leg length) before reaching that weight. It would also be difficult to push if fully loaded.

It is possible to fit a Buggy Board to the Excel Elise to help transport a second child

We recommend that you assess the suitability of the Excel Elise dimensions rather than relying on either age or weight alone...and if in doubt please call us on the number at the top of this page, we are always pleased to talk to you.

The Excel Elise has a basic One Year Frame Warranty but do be aware that this only covers defects of manufacture not 'wear and tear' - both the warranty and the safe working load may be significantly reduced if the child is not a co-operative occupant.

The Excel Elise is CE Marked

The Excel Elise pushchair is not 'Crash Tested' it cannot be used for transporting a child in a vehicle.

Whilst the Excel Elise may be used for someone with special needs the seat may be unsuitable if they require postural management support, if in doubt please seek the advice of your physiotherapist.

  • 7" wheels - rear fixed, front swivel
  • hard 'tyres' NO suspension
  • not lockable
  • good manoeuvrability in small places, best on smooth surfaces

Adjustable Footplate
  • three position footplate to suit child leg length
  • location slots for fitting foot straps (not supplied)
  • has to be removed before folding (can be a bit fiddly until you get 'the knack')

  • fixed angle not adjustable
  • exposed position for the child, lacks privacy (may be improved by adding a sun hood)

Key Features
  • maximum weight limit 110 lbs, 50 kg (but check dimensions)
  • lightweight but robust aluminium frame
  • 1 year warranty
  • five point harness, shoulder height adjustable four levels
  • dual rear wheel parking brakes
  • low maintenance - wipe clean (sponge-able) fabrics, tough plastic non pneumatic wheels (no punctures !)


There are some 'special needs' accessories for the Excel Elise:

There are the usual accessories you would expect for a pushchair to make it comfortable for your child and practical for you: